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Just like a car, a watch requires special care.
An agent of several well-known brands, P O N C I N I also offers the services of several sworn and Swiss-trained watchmakers for the care, maintenance and repair of their products. A unique service in Mauritius.

Rolex, Breitling, Bell & Ross, Cartier, Longines, Omega, TAG Heuer, Zenith, Rado, Tudor, PONCINI offers a wide range of prestige watches, to the delight of amateurs, lovers of precision watchmaking and collectors. Yet, the majority of their customers often do not take enough care of these little jewels as they should ...

"The watches have a very sensitive mechanism, which requires regular maintenance. Unfortunately, most people do not realize this and do not understand why their watch stops working after a few years. "
Thus, for most of these watchmaking masterpieces, maintenance is recommended every two years, and a general overhaul every four to five years.

PONCINI offers this service to customers even if the watch was not purchased in Mauritius, thanks to these watchmakers qualified and trained in Switzerland by the brands themselves. Each year, they travel to Switzerland to learn more about the different watch models and types of movements (set of parts to operate a watch). They are also informed about technical progress.
Each brand offers dozens of models with most radically different movements, not to mention the new products that come out every year, so the work is huge. "We always learn, because watchmaking is changing all the time.
Even with 50 years of experience, you have to continue training »
The watch team repairs an average of 200 watches per month, some of which are in very poor condition due to lack of maintenance.
Most quartz watch owners wait until the battery is finished before changing it, which can be extremely harmful to the mechanism: "If the acid contained in the battery runs, you have to change most parts, which is very expensive.
It is therefore in the best interest of watch buyers to read the user manual carefully and to carefully follow the recommendations of the instructions concerning the maintenance of their watch, so that they will keep it in perfect condition for several generations.
after sales service


Your watch is a sophisticated precision instrument that operates continuously and under the most diverse constraints. In a very small volume, a multitude of components help to ensure all the time and chronographic functions. Their mechanical action causes ineluctable wear. The maintenance makes it possible to control this phenomenon by renewing the lubrication as well as by replacing the used components. For example, your movement is protected by a housing with seals that seal it. Under the influence of various external constraints, these joints are gradually degraded and must be periodically replaced. Your watch must therefore be regularly maintained to function to its full potential.

In order to ensure the perfect running of your watch, the After Sales Service PONCINI offers you two main maintenance interventions:

1. The maintenance service
The periodicity of this operation depends essentially on the use of your watch in an aquatic environment (see chapter Sealing). She understands :
Mechanical Watch and Quartz Watch: Cleaning and lubrication of the exhaust and balance for mechanical models. Control of the operating parameters of the movement and functions of the watch. Battery exchange for quartz models. Cleaning of the case and the metal bracelet, exchange of all the joints, control of waterproofness.

2. The general revision
This intervention is recommended every 4 years, but it also depends on the conditions of use of your watch.
Mechanical Watch and Quartz Watch: Revision of the movement. Disassembly and cleaning of components, replacement of used components, assembly, lubrication, adjustment and adjustment. Battery exchange for quartz models. Refreshment of the case and the metal bracelet, exchange of all the joints, control of waterproofness.

In addition, we offer the following services at any time: wristband replacement, polishing, polishing, rapid diagnosis, adjustments and tests.

Any intervention must be performed by an official representative of the Brand of your watch. Otherwise, the warranty is void.

Caring for your watch is the best way to protect your investment. Do not wait until she's stopped to take her to a revision


All watches are water resistant to different degrees, depending on the model.

However, by exposure to external agents such as perspiration, chlorinated or salty water, ultraviolet rays and cosmetics, the seal is degraded over time.

In case of intensive use in the aquatic environment, it is recommended to carry out a maintenance service every year, in order to guarantee watertightness. For occasional use in the aquatic environment, this operation will be carried out every 2 years.

The level of tightness expressed in meters is a technical standard. It does not indicate an absolute depth of immersion. The crown and pushers (including those of the stopwatch) must never be operated under water or when the watch is wet (except models equipped with magnetic pushers), because the water would infiltrate by the pusher and damage movement.

For models equipped with a crown and screwed pushers, make sure they are locked before use in the aquatic environment

Any intervention must be performed by an official representative of the Brand of your watch. Otherwise, the warranty is void.

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